Monday, July 29, 2013

New Prayer Wheel apk Update Version

Prayer Wheel apk Description

Prayer Wheel apk | Feel like a lama in a Tibetan temple when you send out your Buddhist prayers into the world. As you turn the prayer wheel, monks chant and waves of compassion emanate in all directions to the surrounding area. Om mani padme hum. Om mani peme hung.

Go to to see how many prayers have been uploaded.

New AmazingText Plus - Text Widget apk Fast Download

AmazingText Plus - Text Widget apk Description

AmazingText Plus - Text Widget apk | AmazingText will make your homescreen more beautiful, special and personalized.

With AmazingText you can create custom and amazing text widgets, with cool fonts and lots of effects.

Make your homescreen look exactly the way you want!

*NEW* Launch apps or shortcuts when clicking on the AmazingText Widgets!

You can even combine it with certain Lockscreen replacement apps (e.g. WidgetLocker) and have your amazing text widget displayed right on your Lockscreen!

* To get started, add the widget "AmazingText" to your homescreen

* Enter your custom text
* Select your font (over 40 fonts are available - AmazingText Plus includes even more!)
* Select your font style, color, size, etc.
* Add effects (such as Glow, Reflection, Noise, Sepia, Emboss,
Gradient, etc.)
* Place your beautiful widget on the homescreen
* Share your creations with your friends directly from the app

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Follow us on Twitter:

AmazingText is compatible with all Android devices (phones and tablets) that run at least Android 1.6.
- Honeycomb tablets (Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 or Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0) - such as Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Acer Iconia A100/A500, Lenovo ThinkPad, Sony S1, Toshiba AT100, Archo G9, Huawei MediaPad, ..
- Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) - Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
- Gingerbread (2.3), Froyo (2.2), Eclair (2.1), Donut (1.6): Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II), Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Desire S/HD, Motorola Defy, Samsung Epic Touch 4G, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Sensation, HTC Fyler, Motorola Droid Razr, Sony Xperia, ..

Free Keylogger for android apk Latest Version

Keylogger for android apk Description

Keylogger for android apk | Keylogger for android is a keylogger which allows you to find out what other users do on your android in your absence. It is designed for the hidden android monitoring and the monitoring of the phone activity. Keylogger for android is capable of catching all keystrokes, capturing the screen, logging the programs being run and closed, monitoring the clipboard contents. This app is for entertainment only.

Logs all keystrokes, is case sensitive (keystroke logger).

Makes screenshots within the specified time interval.

Saves the applications’ running and closing.

Watches clipboard contents.

Records all print activity.

Records disk changes.

Records internet connections.

Records all websites visited.

Records startup/shutdown.

All the information is stored in the encrypted log file.

Update LoL Memento League of Legends apk Free Download

LoL Memento League of Legends apk Description

LoL Memento League of Legends apk | Uninstall all your old and slow League of Legends applications, you won’t need them anymore, The Memento is all you need!

You need help choosing the champion you will love to play and who will make your opponents fear you?

You need a tool that helps you remember when the jungle monsters are up or what items are best suited for your favorite champion? You want to try the champions of the week and check if they are worth the money?

You need to quickly get up to date builds from your favorite websites directly on your smartphone or your tablet, avoiding the classic ALT+TAB?

There is something for every type of player in the Memento, the only all-in-one League of Legends application:

- Adapted for all devices: smartphones and tablets

- All champions information
o Recommended items
o Tips
o Opponents Tips
o Video
o Statistics
o Skins
o Counter picks (from
o Detailed abilities with video
o Story

- All items information

- Full Masteries, Runes, Spells databases

- Builds from your favorites websites:
o A complete reader with all the build information
o Mobafire
o Solomid
o LoLPro

- Jungle Timers
o 5vs5 and 3vs3 modes
o Custom timers (flash, wards...)
o Vibrator or sound at the end of the timers
o Notifications warning you even when the application is in background

- Widget that displays the Free Champion Rotation (to use the widget, the application must be installed on the device internal storage, not the SD card)

- Servers status

- Up to date data:
o Update your Game data when you want ! No boring download at application start, YOU decide when you have the time to update your League of Legends data.
o Thanks to our engine, the data is updated right after Riot’s update. Whenever an update is released, it will be in the Memento.

- Game data available in all League of Legends supported languages.

- Elaborated Design and Ergonomy.

* The "Read_Phone_State" also called "READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY" permission, like for a lot of apps, is only requested to display our ads. The application itself does not use it.

Feel free to contact us by mail if you have any suggestions.

You can help us translate the app in your language. The website Crowdin is really easy and fast to use, so don't hesitate to contribute!

League Of Legends © Riot Games Inc. All right reserved.
League of Legends and Riot Games Inc. are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games Inc.

New Evernote Hello apk Fast Download

Evernote Hello apk Description

Evernote Hello apk | With Evernote Hello it’s easy to remember everything about everyone you meet.

Whether you're meeting someone for the first time, trying to remember important details about a person you’ve met before, or recalling important information about a previous meeting, Evernote Hello is here to help. Here's how:

- See everyone you’ve met and pictures of your activities in a beautiful mosaic layout
- View a history of all the meetings you've had with individuals
- Remember all aspects of your meetings: location, notes, photos, and faces
- Connect with people through LinkedIn and now Facebook
- Get additional insights about contacts and meetings with Related Notes from your Evernote account

There are three easy ways to bring people you meet into Evernote Hello:

- Connect with nearby Evernote Hello users via Hello Connect
- Pull their information from your calendar appointments, texts, calls or your address book
- Create a quick profile and snap their photo manually

With Evernote Hello, you can easily remember everyone you meet.

Evernote Hello is part of the Evernote family of products, which are designed to help you remember everything.

Revision Remote for Apple TV apk Free Download

Remote for Apple TV apk Description

Remote for Apple TV apk | The Remote for Apple TV app can be used as a remote control for jail-broken Apple TV (2nd generation) only.


If your Apple TV 2nd generation is NOT jail broken, this app will not work. If it is jail broken on version 4.4.4 or above, please follow the steps below. The app should work! if not , you probably did not read that your Apple TV 2nd generation should be JAIL-BROKEN or did not installed AirControl(Beta). Do not use in combination with Navi-X.

It is very easy:

- Download this app and install AirControl(beta) on your jail-broken Apple TV from the maintenance menu. If your do not have the maintenance menu please install aTV Flash(black) version 1.7 or above first!
- In this app, go to settings and enter the IP of your Apple TV.
- To use the keyboard for XBMC press menu and tap on : "XBMC-Keyboard" enable remote over http and do NOT enter any username and password! This will be added in another update.
- Start using your new remote !

We told you it was simple !

The keyboard functionality will only work if the cursor is positioned on one of the characters or input field. The jailbreak must detect an input field for correct functionality.

AppleTV is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bug Fix Wedding Dress Look Book apk Update Version

Wedding Dress Look Book apk Description

Wedding Dress Look Book apk | From the #1 wedding website,, this free Android app is for busy brides-to-be looking for the perfect wedding dress. Think of it as your on-the-go shopping source for the hottest wedding dresses -- from beautiful ball gowns to modern mermaid styles. You'll also get listings of wedding dress salons that carry that wedding dresses you've been dying to try on. Search wedding dresses (by style, shape, and price) and bookmark your favorites for later. It's the new go-to app for wedding dress shopping.

Last Update Musclehead FlipFont apk New Version

Musclehead FlipFont apk Description

Musclehead FlipFont apk | Flipfont™ changes the user interface font on your phone.

Musclehead™ is a robust, densely packed handwriting font. This lively sans-serif style makes your text pop off the screen!

Update Dream Theme for TextCutie apk Download

Dream Theme for TextCutie apk Description

Dream Theme for TextCutie apk | This is a theme pack for textcutie. Please update to the newest version of TextCutie and enjoy.

Free The Book Of The Dead apk Review

The Book Of The Dead apk Description

The Book Of The Dead apk | The Book Of The Dead by E. A. Wallis Budge.
Fascinating compendium of ancient Egyptian mythology, religious beliefs and magical practices. Includes spells, incantations, hymns, magical formulas and prayers.All explained by one of the most knowledgeable and respected Egyptologists of the early 20th century.

New Vivino Wine Scanner Pro apk Fast Download

Vivino Wine Scanner Pro apk Description

Vivino Wine Scanner Pro apk | With Vivino you’ll never forget another wine. Take a photo of any wine, and we’ll automatically match it against our online wine database of more than 1,000,000 wines. If we don’t automatically match it, our Wine Recognition Team will do it for you.

Check out a wine’s facts, ratings, tasting notes from other users, where to buy and more. The wines you scan are saved to your winelist, accessible through both the app and our website. This way, you’ll never forget another wine – good or bad!

Connect with your friends and check out their wine experiences. Draw inspiration from your friends and other Vivino users and compile a Wish List of all the great wines yet to try!

What Vivino does for you:
- Automatically recognizes the wine, by analyzing the label. Any unmatched wine will be manually matched by us.
- Build a winelist of all the wines you taste and keep track of your likes and dislikes
- Follow the wine-experiences of your friends and get inspiration for your next wine.
- Add your favorites to your own Wish List.
- Use the Nearby feature to check out the selection of wines in a restaurant, supermarket or liquor store
- Works offline as well. Scanned wines are saved for later processing
- Upload old photos from your Photo Album for recognition
- User-generated content, like ratings, tips, where the wine can be purchased, prices etc. grow day by day with our expanding community of users.

In this PRO version you also get access to:
- Simple cellar management. Get an easy overview of the wines in your cellar or wine rack, and sort them by price, rating or date. You can also keep track of the wines you buy and consume.
- Search our 1,000,000 wines using text. Find any wine using text-search when you don't have the bottle in front of you.
- Get in the Fast Track for manual matching. Skip the line for manual matching when we don't automatically match your scan. As a Pro user, your scan will be handled with the highest priority by our team.
- Support Team Vivino. Enable us to continue improving the app for you and all other Vivino users. Your help is much appreciated!

About Vivino
Vivino is a vibrant wine community, built on top of a huge database of 1,000,000 wines from 20,000 wineries all over the world. More than 800,000 users of the Vivino app provide tasting notes, ratings, price info and much more on a daily basis. Vivino was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark

New Batman widget apk Fast Download

Batman widget apk Description

Batman widget apk | Attention all fans of the Dark Knight!!! Bat widget is on the Google Play (Android market).
Batman digital clock with cool battery indicator and more cool stuff.

New 1x4 digital clock whit changing colors(touch the clock to change the color)

Batman bat widget Dark Knight

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Geek's soundbox premium apk New Version

Geek's soundbox premium apk Description

Geek's soundbox premium apk | If you too are nostalgic for the sweet music of the 56k modem ... If you think Barney Stinson is a God ... Or if you're simply a fan of the Geek universe ,this application is made for you !

Indeed, it includes all of the most famous sounds from movies, video games, TV series and the Geek world in general.
(!)(!)(!)100sounds available!!!(!)(!)(!)
Such as :
eux vidéos :

- Falcon Punch
- Monster kill
- Killing spree
- Godlike
- First Blood
- Dominating
- Headshot
- Ownage
- Pokemon son 1 (pokemon attrapé)
- Pokemon son 2 ( Battle win)
- Pokemon son 3 (Item catch)
- Pokemon son 4 (Level up)
-Final Fantasy (Fanfare)
- Murloc (Wow)
- Leeroy jenkins (Wow)
- Wombo combo (ssbm)
- Fatality ( Street fighter)
- Finish him ( Street fighter)
- Zelda (Item catch)
- Zelda (Item found)

Cinéma :

- La vie de Brian
- This is sparta
- Les mouettes de Némo
- Gollum
- La respiration de Dark vador
- Le sabre laser
- Chewbacca
- It's a trap!
- The answer of the ultimate question -->42 (Guide du voyageur interstellaire)
- Philiiiiipe!Je sais ou tu te caches!
- Hasta la vista baby (Terminator)
- I'll be back (Terminator)

Séries TV :

- Bazinga
- Knock knock penny
- I'm batman
- Soft kitty
- Suit up
- Legendary
- High five
- When i get sad i stop to be sad...
- Elle est où la poulette? (Kadoc)
- Faut pas respirer la compote ça fait tousser (Kadoc)
- Les pattes de canaaaaaaaaaaaaaard (Kadoc)
- Si on veut savoir si y'a du vent faut mettre son doigt dans le cul du coq (Kadoc)
- Cuillère!(Roi burgonde)
- J'apprécie les fruits au sirop!(Roi burgonde)
- Qu'est à dire que ceci? (Roi burgonde)
- La fleur en bouquet fane et jamais ne renait ( Roi Burgonde)
- Arthour c'est la guerre!(Roi Burgonde)
- A la volette mode Burgonde (Roi burgonde)
- Ouais c'est pas faux ( Perceval)
- J'aimerai bien qu'on commence a me considérer en tant que tel ( Perceval)

Autres :

- Nyan cat
- Avast mise à jour
- Avast virus
- Modem 56k
- Windows 95
- Windows 98
- Windows XP
- Windows Seven
- Msn sound
- Intel sound
- McDo
- Silence! I kill you! Achmed the dead terrorist

New sounds will be added every week, so expect to find Mario and other characters on your Android terminal soon!

YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR FAVORITE SOUNDS IN THIS APP? Let me know with a comment or by email and I will do my best to add it
Facebook page :

Now you can set the sound as Ringtone, notification or alarm just with a long press on the button! The sound will be available on your parameters (filename = geeksounbox)!!

Last Update Memo Widget (Note Widget) apk New Version

Memo Widget (Note Widget) apk Description

Memo Widget (Note Widget) apk | Memo Widget is an application which enables users to place the Memo(note) widget on Home screen

if you using memowidet, never forget important things!
very easy to remember anything

* Wigets
1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 5x1, 5x2, 5x5 and resizable widget

* easy customizing option
- text size, text color, background color, border color
- bold, italic, underline
- freely up and down, left and right alignment

* features
- send to other apps
- default setting change

* Usage
Home Screen > Menu > Add > Wigets > MemoWidget

* If you install in SDCard, it will not work.

* You can use 'The Day Before' for D-Day(days until) countdown.

Last Update CacheSense apk Latest Version

CacheSense apk Description

CacheSense apk | CacheSense is a powerful geocaching app built on the official Geocaching Live API.

Featuring an attractive and intuitive user interface based on the latest Android design guidelines, CacheSense offers an unparalleled feature set to meet the needs of all types of player from the casual weekend cacher right up to the hardcore lifestyler.

Full-featured mapping includes multiple map sources (Google, OSM and others including custom map sources), automatic caching of downloaded map tiles, support for offline vector and tile maps (MOBAC, Mapsforge, Locus etc) and the ability to generate offline maps directly from the map view. The map screen provides all the layers, filters and tools a geocacher needs for serious planning and navigation.

Built-in geocaching compass and radar and support for Google navigation and other 3rd-party navigation tools make finding caches a breeze while powerful offline support and publishing features give you complete control of your workflow in even the most demanding environments.

Full support for Pocket Queries and GPX import/export, including automated background Pocket Query sync plus a free desktop companion tool for instant loading of the largest GPX files (with support for many GSAK attributes) combine with powerful Dropbox integration, multiple database and multiple device support to make managing your geocaching data a pleasure.

Other features include munzee support, social networking, email monitoring for new cache notifications, powerful trackable functions (including auto visiting), bookmark lists, favorites list and custom waypoints.

CacheSense is under constant development and has strong support from an active and friendly user community.

Please Note: CacheSense works best with Premium membership, Basic Members are subject to Geocaching Live API limits including 3 “full detail” cache downloads per day and restrictions on cache types and searching.

Last Update Pregnancy Food Guide apk Download

Pregnancy Food Guide apk Description

Pregnancy Food Guide apk | Pregnancy Food Guide

Know what you can eat and what you can't when you're expecting.

When shopping for food or eating at a restaurant, this handy and informative guide will help you make safe decisions for you and your baby.

Features hundreds of common foods, drinks, and ingredients, along with information on whether the food is safe to consume during pregnancy, and any related benefits or dangers.

The Pregnancy Food Guide has an intuitive search function for easy food look-up

The Pregnancy Food Guide comes with a convenient shopping list feature. The shopping list functionality is seamlessly integrated into the food guide. If you want to pick up an item while browsing the food guide, simply add it to the shopping list with one touch of a button.

The Pregnancy Food Guide will always be accessible, even when you don't have internet or mobile access. When you're shopping at a store, you can be sure that you'll have access to all the information in the guide.

Revision A.I.type Crystal Clear Theme apk New Version

A.I.type Crystal Clear Theme apk Description

A.I.type Crystal Clear Theme apk | *** Crystal Clear Theme Pack - requires A.I.type Keyboard 1.7.7 and above (Float-N-Split, Plus or Free) ***

Give your keyboard a clean glassy look with an elegant light blue finish.

Looks great on A.I.type keyboard for mobile phones, but on a tablet with Float-N-Split it offers an almost fully transparent look!

By default, the package will get installed on your SD card.

Once installed, you'll be able to select in on the Theme Gallery.

Free Fake iPhone 4S apk Update Version

Fake iPhone 4S apk Description

Fake iPhone 4S apk | ----------------
NEW: Fake iPhone 5 has been released - a brand new launcher in the style of iOS 6! Check it out now:

Trick your friends into thinking you have the iPhone 4S! This app is a full-screen working replica of the iPhone home screen. It even replaces your phone's status bar, so there's no hint of Android underneath.

NEW: Swipe down for notifications! Now you can access notifications without having to leave the app.
NEW: Actual network operator shown in status bar - you're no longer stuck with AT&T!

Most of the icons on the screen will open up the relevant Android app when clicked. If there's no suitable app, or the app isn't installed on your device, it's replaced with a sponsored message. The advertising revenue helps support the future development of this app, so please bear this in mind :)

You should be able to give a convincing iPhone impression just by flipping through the Springboard screens, and opening up an app or two to show people that "it really works". If you really want to amaze them, use this on a phone with a 3D gallery app, and click the "Photos" icon. The status bar will stay hidden, so there won't be the slightest hint you're using Android.

Works best on the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus or any Android phone with a Super AMOLED+ display. Also runs on the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) & 4.1 (Jelly Bean) devices.

In version 3.4 I've added a screen where you can choose to support the app by earning "Karma". The button brings you to a Tapjoy marketplace, where you can download new & interesting apps. Every time you download an app, you'll earn "Karma", and a few cents will go towards the future development of this app.

It's entirely optional, but if you're feeling generous, it's a fun way to discover new apps & support the devs at the same time. Thanks for your help!

I'm open to ideas, so let me know if you have any suggested features or improvements. Either leave a comment, or shoot me an email at

I'm particularly interested to hear if some of the icons aren't working on your device. I've tried to test this on most API versions, but still, you might have a device which is incompatible. I'd love to fix it, just let me know!

---Upcoming Features---
I hear you... everyone wants this turned into a launcher! I'm working on it, but truth be told, it's a big challenge and this isn't my full time job so it will take a while to get to that stage. Hopefully it'll be ready in time for the iPhone 5 :) Have said that, here are a few features in the works:

+ Customizable network indicator
+ Working 3G/Wireless display
+ More Apps (but tell me which ones!)

This app uses several external libraries, including Google Analytics, ACRA, LeadBolt, Tapjoy and Inner-Active. Some of these libraries require additional permissions.
+ EXPAND_STATUS_BAR is required for dropdown notifications
+ INTERNET_ACCESS and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE are required for Google Analytics.
+ READ_PHONE_STATE and ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION are required by LeadBolt & Inner-Active (adverts on the inactive buttons)
+ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required by Tapjoy, for caching videos on the SD card
+ ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, Access History Bookmarks and Add Launcher Shortcut are required by search monetization.
+ GET_ACCOUNTS is used by Pocket Change, to simplify the process of delivering your rewards.

--Search Monetization--
This application is brought to you totally free with the help of search monetization. I have opted to use this to be able to keep creating more free apps for you. Please note that with this app you will receive a few search points on your device, all are easily deleted or replaced. Thank you for your understanding.
Note: This feature is currently disabled. It may be enabled in the future though.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Cute Photo Frames apk Latest Version

Cute Photo Frames apk Description

Cute Photo Frames apk | 2.5
Smooth fixed!
Some bug fixed and enhancement at frames
** Added Newly Freshly Cutie Frames
** Added image zoom features
** Rotate image
** Photo drag and move

Want to make your gorgeous photos to fantastic look? Boring of putting simple holiday photos to your scrapbook? Just use this app and show your creativity with our cute frames, decorate with lovely stickers, add your freehand drawing with choices of brush sizes and colors...

Save and share your creation to your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc. You can view your saved photos inside the gallery and can edit again anytime you want. You can even set as wallpaper.

Everything can be done in one shot.

Free Cannabis Pocket Reference apk Download

Cannabis Pocket Reference apk Description

Cannabis Pocket Reference apk | The Cannabis app for those on a quest for truth.

Accurate, classy, refined, media rich, and easy to use. Tablet friendly!

NOTE: You will need LOTS of free space to install the app. This is because the content is available even when you have no connection- ie airplane mode, a tunnel, off the grid, etc. Sorry, this is not a Web App!

::: Features :::
* Exclusive Grow Guide
» In depth with a high tech emphasis
» All topics covered to grow A+ quality
» Example grow diary
» Exclusive high grade nutrient charts
» Pest/disease control including organic

* Strain Guide (DNA)
» Heritage, description
» Growing notes
» Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
» Shake for random
» Sort by name, flowering time, THC, or CBD
» Filter by Indica, Sativa, Mixed, or Auto
» 214 types w/ more on the way

* Alchemy Guide
» Science: Studies, Diseases, and Health
» Culinary + medicinal recipes:
» Cooking oil, butter, soy milk, more.
» Hash, bubble hash, hash oil.
» Tinctures including non-alcoholic...
All recipes have been tested.
» Vaporizing/smoking/dabbing info.
» Vaporizer reviews.

* Visual Plant RX Gallery
» Diagnose common plant disorders easily by photo.

* Legal status maps
» Worldwide, Europe, and USA
» Updated with current laws
» RSS feeds for news updates

* History Timeline
» History of Cannabis Hemp w/ pics.

::: ::: :::

Visually Rich and Informative.
No ads. Tablet friendly.
Works on any Android 1.5 - 4.2 device!
» More info [ ]

Trouble w/ install, download, or other?
Suggestions, feedback, or issues?
» Support/FAQ [ ]

*** If the app won't work on your phone or you don't like it we'll refund your money. Please ask within 24 hours. ***

We work hard to make this the finest 420 related app available. For legal use only!

With our exclusive grower guide, learn ganja herb botany or gardening, from clone, or seeds for the home, farm or garden for medicinal use.

Learn about safe and effective MMJ bud use as smoke, vapor, joint, bong, concentrate or edible and how it relates to your health including cited research on diseases. Includes info on Rick Simpson oil, and popular types such as girl scout cookies, OG kush, purple, and haze.

No longer confined to a dank basement, or the stereotype of a stoner with a weed, or a leaf tycoon, it's high time that pot knowledge, which is really hemp knowledge, envelopes the Earth!

New SVOX US English DarkLord Voice apk Fast Download

SVOX US English DarkLord Voice apk Description

SVOX US English DarkLord Voice apk | Did you know that, this Halloween, your mobile will turn to its … dark side?

Have your personal cursed buddy, Dark Lord, read aloud texts from your e-book, navigation, translation and other apps in a US English… malefic voice powered by SVOX.

When combined with tts-enabled apps, Dark Lord can…
- scare your friends by calling their names aloud
- give directions allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while you're driving
- notify you about the caller/sender's name or read the content when you receive an incoming call / sms / email
- read aloud your favorite e-books or pdf documents

and much more… the possibilities are limitless!

Browse for a list of compatible apps and voice demos.

NEW! Pronunciation correction feature: correct the default output according to your preferences!

1. Install and run the voice app once

2. Install free SVOX Classic Text-to-Speech Engine

3. Go to Android Settings -> Voice Input & Output -> Text-to-Speech settings.
Activate SvoxClassic at the bottom of the screen.
Select SvoxClassic as the Default Engine.
4. Run the voice app, click “Continue”, then follow the instructions.
5. Your SVOX Voice main screen will be now visible. Don’t forget to try the new pronunciations correction feature (‘pencil’ icon)!
6. Download other free / paid apps to combine our voice with. For example, you could try: Google Navigation (on Android 2.2 and later, only with Navigation < 5.9), Moon+ Reader PRO, Voice Actions Plus, TalkToMe Classic, Book Speech Audio Books, Transzilla, Good Morning, WakeVoice...
Browse for a list of frequently asked questions.
And now … enjoy your new SVOX voice!

1. Run the voice app
2. Click on the ‘pencil’ icon. The pronunciation correction screen will now be shown.
3. Tap on the Android menu key and select ‘Help’

== NOTES ==

1. Google Navigation requires that the Text-to-Speech voice matches the phone language. You can change the phone language in Android Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language

Compatible with Google Navigation version < 5.9
2. On Android 2.1 and earlier, only some apps, like Google Translation, support changing voices.

Last Update Vibrate Alarm for SmartWatch apk Download

Vibrate Alarm for SmartWatch apk Description

Vibrate Alarm for SmartWatch apk | This app will launch a vibrate alarm at a specific time.

It will send a notification every 10 secs (you can change this value) until a max of 20 times (you can change this value). To stop it you must read the notification and press Stop Alarm.

If you need more vibration, set notifications every 2 secs but you will not be able to stop it until the alarm goes to 20 times.

When the alarm is set you will see a clock in notification bar.

Do NOT trust on this app only, use another alarm too. Quit sound and mobile data in your mobile at night to avoid other notifications.

Do you know my Welcome Pack for SmartWatch? Search for it ASAP!

If you find any bug, please send an email to in order to fix it.

If you have any suggestion, please send an email to in order to implement it.

twitter ->!/paco_salazar_tw

LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

Get XFINITY AnyPlay apk Latest Version

XFINITY AnyPlay apk Description

XFINITY AnyPlay apk | Watch live TV anywhere around your home.

With the XFINITY TV AnyPlay app, you can watch live TV on your Android Tablet or Phone anywhere around your home. AnyPlay® streams all your TV channels over your home Wi-Fi network so you can turn your mobile device into another TV screen. So whether you’re cooking, working, exercising or just hanging on the deck, you never have to miss a moment of your favorite show or the big game.

• AnyPlay subscription from Comcast Corporation
• AnyPlay Media Streamer hardware from Comcast connected to a secured Wi-Fi Internet connection for streaming of video within the home
• Android Tablet or Phone running Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) or higher.

• XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service. You will also need a subscription to one or more eligible channels to play content.
• Comcast ID or email address and password.

Streaming of video is not available outside of home.

Streaming of television is only available using a secured Wi-Fi connection in conjunction with hardware and subscription purchased from Comcast.

Get Help Signing-In!
• Create a Comcast ID -->

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New Diaro - personal diary apk Fast Download

Diaro - personal diary apk Description

Diaro - personal diary apk | Diaro is designed to record activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas throughout your day and sync data across all devices you use. It lets you organize your created diary / journal entries or notes from the past in the easiest way using List or Calendar views.
Powerful search helps to find diary entries by any keyword in the title or text and filter results by category or tags.

★ Main Features ★
- User friendly interface adapted for phones and tablets;
- Multilingual UI now in 20 languages;
- Security Code allows to keep your entries private;
- List/Calendar views;
- Organize diary / journal entries using categories and tags;
- Swiping between entries;
- Attach or capture unlimited amount of photos;
- Set Diaro interface color;
- Customize entries using different fonts and templates;
- Powerful search and filtering;
- Full Backup & Restore your data with encryption;
- Share entries and pictures to email, sms, twitter, facebook, etc (required corresponding apps installed);
- Set the first day of week in calendar;
- Use Notification Bar icon to create new entry faster;
- Automatic location detection for new entries;
- Adjust text size to meet your needs;
- Choose between 12AM/PM and 24 hours time format;
- Multi window mode (if supported by device);
- Supports Move to SD card;

★ Diaro PRO Features ★
- Sync data across all your Android devices and Diaro Online version using Dropbox;
- Backup & Restore using Dropbox;
- Widget;
- Ads Free;

★ Diaro Online ★
You can access your Diaro entries online on any device using web browser:

Diaro Online version allows you to export your entries to PDF file.

★ Learn More ★
- Facebook:

- Twitter:
- Required permissions:
- F.A.Q.:

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